International Students


Special Offer: We are currently offering International Students Free Teeth Whitening. Call 905-272-5500 or text 647-993-5100 for full details.

Canadian dental professionals recommend teeth cleaning every 4-6 months to help repair and prevent bleeding gums, bad breath and gum disease.

Did you know your dental insurance is valid until August 31st.

As international students that have paid school tuition, you are automatically covered by your school’s dental insurance through Green Shield.

International students get 100% dental coverage when they visit us.

Dental Hygiene Solutions makes using your insurance easy; Our trained staff will do all the paperwork for you and we will accept payment for your visit directly from the insurance company. This means there will be NO OUT OF POCKET PAYMENT BY YOU!

In-office teeth whitening is offered to UTM students: Ask your registered dental hygienist at your visit if it is right for you!

Our office is conveniently located 1 bus ride away from the UTM campus. Check out for directions and bus route.

Please call 905-272-5500 to ask any questions you have or to book your appointment.

Call today to reserve time for your oral health check-up and cleaning!

Check out for bus routes and timetables.

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Dental Hygiene Solutions
801 Dundas Street East, Unit E4, Mississauga, L4Y 4G9
You can also text 647-993-5100